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After emailing Willis Landscaping and Snowplowing in May to give them another chance, now that the weather is warmer, I was hoping Sean willis would at least call back to discuss the matter and do something about it. He totally ignored my email to get in touch with me which shows the kind of business Willis Landscaping and Snowplowing is.

He did not even bother to respond to the two letters the Better Business Bureau sent him either, and he still advertises his "services" in the Kanata Kourier Standard. Please, be warned and stay away from Willis Landscaping and Snowplowing!

Original review posted by user Jun 28, 2013

I hired Sean Willis to level the interlock landing in my front yard, after I read his ad in a Kanata newspaper. It said "SERVING YOU AND YOUR COMMUNITY FOR OVER 25 YEARS". I believed that if he had served the community for 25 years he'd have to be good.

He came on a Thursday in September 2012, dug up the stones and left them scattered on the landing in front of our house. The next day, Friday, he did not come. I called and was told he'd be there Saturday to finish the job. On Saturday there was no sign of him either.

In the meantime, there were dug-up stones all over our landing. My husband and I are both seniors. It was a hazard to have to maneuver around those stones to step out our front door onto our driveway.

After phone calls and email he finally came the week after. After he finished, he swept sand over the whole surface and sprayed it. It was supposed to be polymer sand that hardens when you spray water over it to prevent *** growth between the stones, but it later turned out to be regular sand!!!

After he was done, I could not really see the finished job, because the whole landing was covered with mud, but I trusted everything would be okay.

When he was done, he wanted to be paid in cash and that was it. It was only later, after I had washed the mud off the landing that I noticed what a mess he had made! He had taken about 25 of my good interlocking stones and replaced them with others he said he was going to pick up from his house. I told him I had spare stones in the garage that would match, but he said he had some stones at home he could use. I don't know why he needed to replace the original stones, as there was nothing wrong with them. The stones he replaced them with DID NOT MATCH. Some were chipped and of a completely different colour and quality that really stood out! The original stones have been on our landing for at least ten years, and I immediately noticed the difference (see pictures). Anybody who came by and saw what Sean Willis had done was appalled and felt sorry for us. I don't know what he did with the original stones.

I called and spoke to his wife. I asked very nicely if Sean would return my stones and put them back where they belong. She said Sean was not there. When I called again, she denied that he had replaced my stones and said he wouldn't do anything like that. I emailed and called a couple more times. When I did not hear back I decided to contact the Better Business Bureau. They sent him a letter, which he ignored (!), then a second letter, which he also ignored.

On May 22, 2013, I sent Sean another email to give him another chance to bring back the original stones and realign the uneven edges. I wrote that I understood he would not have been able to work in October or November because of the weather, but now that it was warmer, I thought it would be nice if he would. I never heard back from him (!)

I finally had to call someone else to repair the shoddy workmanship Sean did. The people who did the repair were appalled that anyone could get away with that kind of workmanship. It cost me more than $1500 to have my landing redone.

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